Electric Blinds

Professionally fitted motorised blinds in Esher, Surrey and London

Choose from integrated wiring systems that run off the mains, or our battery powered systems can be easily installed on most types of blind.

Control your electric blinds with a choice of wall mounted switches, programmable control systems or  remote control units.

Learn how your electric blinds can be automated. 

Benefits of Electric Blinds.

Why not enjoy life more as your motorised blinds do all the work for you?

Simple to operate at the touch of button, our electric blinds have a number of controller options for you to choose from.

We will talk through the advantages with you to find exactly the right solution for your needs.

Our automated systems can be used to motorise the majority of blind types, typically Roller Blinds, Venetian, Pleated or Roman blinds.

Choose from integrated wiring systems that run off the mains, or our battery powered systems can be easily installed on most types of blind.

Electric Blinds


With a great choice of remotes and stylish wall switches, you are always in complete control.

Control your blinds from the comfort of your sofa with a remote, or keep switches out of reach of an inquisitive toddler with a wall-mounted unit.

Program the remote control with your favourite settings, and choose whichever one you need with a couple of clicks.

Integrate automation of your blinds into into your existing environmental control panels, Sonos controller or other advanced remote control systems, or use an App to control it all from your smart phone!

Child safety

Window blinds often make use of cords for their operation, presenting a potential hazard to young children at play.

For their safety and your peace of mind, our electric blinds are completely cord-free, making them an ideal choice for a child friendly environment.

Accessible living

Motorised blinds are perfect for hard to reach places, and for anyone who has restricted mobility.

Easily operate all the blinds in a room at the same time at the touch of a button, or set a timer and let the system do everything for you.

Add sensors to make the blinds adjust intelligently according to sunlight direction and intensity.

Privacy & security

Easily program your motorised blinds to operate automatically.

Access control of your blinds from a PC or smart phone when you are away from home.

Set your blinds to operate on a timer and simulate occupancy when you’re on holiday.

Electric Blinds Choices

Unlike “off-the-shelf” products, we measure and fit the blinds for you, taking all the hassle out of the equation, combined with top quality products, and years of experience in fitting them to the highest standards of workmanship.

Whatever your electric blinds requirements, Blindsfitted4u has the right choice to suit your needs.

Why to Choose Blindsfitted4u for Electric Blinds Esher, Surrey, London?

Want to install beautiful and convenient blinds in your home, office or outdoor space. Blindsfitted4u, a team of Professional Blind Fitters in London and surrey, provide you ultimate options of Electric Blinds London. Blindsfitted4u offers Electric blinds that are easy to operate and adds a stylish touch to your work place. Sitting back at your place, you can open or close blinds installed in your room remotely. Blindsfitted4u, provides best Electric Blinds Esher, with number of controller options like wall mounted switches, programmable control systems or remote-control units. Keeping Child safety in mind, we at Blindsfitted4u, do not have Electric blinds with cables, strings or chains, which make them perfect for your children’s bedrooms and playrooms.

Blindsfitted4u, is the leading supplier and installer of Electric Blinds in Surrey, London and Esher, offering huge range of styles, designs and finishes in Electric Blinds. We do not believe in “off-the-shelf” products, but our objective is to find the perfect blinds for your needs and fitting them to the highest standards of workmanship.