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Pleated and Cellular Blinds

Privacy, insulation and light control

Cellular blinds, also known as honeycomb blinds or cellular shades are a new type of window covering which provide insultation, privacy and light control for your home or office.

What are cellular/honeycomb blinds?

This new form of blind material is composed of a series of cells that resemble the shape of a honeycomb. These cells create air pockets that trap air and act as a barrier against heat transfer, making them  exceptionally energy efficient window treatments.

Why cellular blinds?

Insulation: the honeycomb structure of cellular blinds helps to insulate your windows by trapping air. This can help regulate temperatures in your home or office, reducing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Of course, increased energy efficiency means lower energy bills!

Light control: our cellular blinds come in a range of opacities depending on the amount of light control needed. 

Privacy: these sheer blinds offer the perfect privacy solution as they can be almost completely opaque. 

Great looks! Honeycomb blinds are increasingly popular due to their wonderful looks that can complement almost any interior. 

Easy maintenance: easy to clean and dust, they can even be vacuumed gently. Just the thing for busy households especially those with kids or pets. 

Pleated and cellular blinds

Electric options

All of our blinds can be fitted as electric blinds.

Our guarantee

At blindsfitted4u we’re confident and excited about our products. We offer a 3 year guarantee, an extended two years’ cover on the manufacturer’s warranty.​

So you can place your order with full confidence that you’ll be getting a great service and a great product. 

Professional blind fitting service

Contact us now to arrange a no-pressure site visit.

At the visit we will discuss our range of blinds, show you samples, and measure up. We offer free and friendly advice on what types and styles will suit your home and lifestyle.

Once you’ve decided on the type of blinds you want, we will arrange a date and time to come to your property and carry out the fitting for you.

All of the blinds we offer are made to measure to ensure the perfect fit for your windows.

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