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Skylight Blinds

Skylight and rooflight blind systems from blindsfitted4u

Skylight blinds allow you to control how much natural light enters a room, helping to create a more vibrant and aesthetically pleasing space whilst reducing the dependence on artificial lighting.

They are designed to operate at any height and angle whilst covering a large surface area, allowing you to create dynamic shading. 

Having another source of controllable light in your room also means you can reduce energy bills.

Blinds are a fantastic solution for your skylight window covering needs. 

Skylight blinds
Rooflight blind

Operate manually or automatically

The skylight blind systems offered by blindsfitted4u can be operated by a traditional gear and crank method or by an electric motor.

Using a motor to control your skylight blind means you have a number of control options to choose from. Whether they adjust automatically or via manual control, it’s entirely down to you.

Custom blinds supplied and fitted by the local experts

We provide a beautiful selection of skylight blinds perfect for both homes and businesses. With customisable options available we provide blinds to suit your exact needs.

Our guarantee

At blindsfitted4u we’re confident and excited about our products. We offer a 3 year guarantee, an extended two years’ cover on the manufacturer’s warranty.​

So you can place your order with full confidence that you’ll be getting a great service and a great product. 

Why skylight blinds?

Skylight blinds are a great way to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In the summer, they reduce the amount of heat that comes into your home, and in the colder months, they can help to keep heat from escaping. They are also a great way to block out light if you need to sleep during the day or if you want to make your home more energy-efficient.

They are a great solution for covering Velux windows and can be installed in almost any ceiling and window arrangement. They can be installed with manual closure or motorised to reduce climbing and stretching. They can even be integrated with your home automation system for the ultimate in luxury.

Skylight blinds can add a touch of style to your home. At blindsfitted4u, we have a wide range of different colours and styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect look for your home. Whether you’re looking for a way to save a little money on your energy bill or you just want to add a bit of style to your home, skylight blinds are a great option.

Skylight blackout blinds

Blackout blinds are becoming increasingly popular, as we have to deal with shifting working patterns and often more light pollution. At blindsfitted4u our range of blinds includes blackout or room-darkening blinds, meaning we’re easily able to install blackout blinds across your skylights or rooflights.

What’s the difference between skylights and rooflights?

A skylight is a window installed in a roof that brings natural light into the home. A rooflight, on the other hand, is a window installed in the ceiling of a room that also allows natural light to enter. The main difference between skylights and rooflights is their placement. Skylights are installed in the roof, while rooflights are placed in the ceiling.

Another key distinction is that skylights can be opened to allow ventilation, while rooflights are typically fixed in place and cannot be opened.

Additionally, skylights often come with built-in blinds to control the amount of light entering the home, while rooflights typically do not. Ultimately, whether you choose a skylight or a rooflight will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Skylight blinds in loft

These top quality blackout blinds are fully compatible with all the big name window brands.

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Electric options

All of our blinds can be fitted as electric blinds.

Professional blind fitting service

Contact us now to arrange a no-pressure site visit.

At the visit we will discuss our range of blinds, show you samples, and measure up. We offer free and friendly advice on what types and styles will suit your home and lifestyle.

Once you’ve decided on the type of blinds you want, we will arrange a date and time to come to your property and carry out the fitting for you.

All of the blinds we offer are made to measure to ensure the perfect fit for your windows.

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