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Beautiful and practical shutters in Woking

At blindsfitted4u, we install shutters in Woking, Surrey and the surrounding areas including West Byfleet, Chobham, Brookwood and Ottershaw.

About our shutter fitting service

At blindsfitted4u, as well as installing blinds, we also specialise in beautiful, practical shutters for any type of window.

Shutters are the perfect solution when you are looking for a hardwearing, durable solution to window covering that offers privacy, fantastic light flexibility, and of course elegance and charm.

Affordability need not be an issue with our shutters – they are available in a range of prices and styles to suit all budgets and all interior design styles.

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Our shutter fitting service covers Woking and all of Surrey and includes both homes and commercial premises.


From bay windows to bedrooms to bathrooms

Shutters work superbly with any type of room, from bedroom and bathroom, kitchen to dining room. They are the perfect front-of-house solution and work beautifully in bay windows whether your bay has three facets or more, curved or angular.

Are your windows an unusual shape? No problem! Because all our shutters are made-to-measure we can also fit them into windows that are arched, triangular or almost any other shape. Just ask for details and examples.

Shutters in high-moisture areas

We’re often asked if shutters are suitable for bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchens. The answer is yes – we have ranges built from practical, hardwearing water-resistant materials which stay looking beautiful for years, even in steamy bathrooms and kitchens.

Wardrobes, room dividers and speciality applications

As well as windows, shutters are a beautiful solution for wardrobe doors (which can be installed on a track mechanism for easy sliding open and shut), they can be stand-alone room dividers and more.


Shutter types


Full height shutters

Full height shutters cover your entire window and are a perfect, elegant and hardwearing solution to both privacy and light control. A classic look at an affordable price.


Tier on tier

Tier-on-tier shutters are two or more sets of shutters stacked on top of each other which open and can be controlled separately. The ultimate combination of elegance and control.


Bay window

Whether your bay is square, angled or curved or large or small, we can install bay window shutters that will be the envy of your neighbours whilst adding privacy and light control.


Wardrobe doors

Shutters as wardrobe doors are a great way to keep air circulating and look amazing. They are easy to open and shut, take up little space and are practical to keep clean.


Café style shutters

These half-height shutters, inspired by continental café culture, cover the bottom half of your windows and offer the perfect compromise between privacy and light.


Skylight shutters

As more people transform their lofts into living spaces, it’s no wonder we’re installing shutters into skylights. Open at night to gaze at the stars, and close in the daytime to keep out glare and heat.


Shutter and shade

The combination of shutters and room-darkening blinds is the ultimate way to get a fantastic night’s sleep, whilst keeping the beauty of shutters for daytime elegance and light control.


Your conservatory is a private space that lets the outside in. With full height conservatory shutters you can enjoy your outlook whilst retaining full privacy when you need it.


Track shutters

Track shutters are a clever way to save space, whether used as room dividers or window shutters. Sliding beautifully side to side in their tracks, they take up no extra space in your interior.


Special shapes

Think your windows are too unusually shaped for shutters? All our shutters are made-to-measure to fit your windows perfectly, so we can also provide almost any shape.

Solid panel shutters

Solid panels are increasingly popular as the ultimate way to block out light whilst increasing thermal insultation. And with their hint of traditional look they really are appealing.


French door

Shutters to cover your French doors offer the perfect way to complement conservatory or kitchen shutters, and are made to measure so will fit any set of French doors. The ultimate finishing touch.



Do you have any questions about shutters or blinds which you’d like to discuss. We welcome enquiries so please feel free to get in touch at any time. We offer a free quotation service and our expert team are friendly and approachable.